Discover The New Hanzo’s Dojo and Tiger Rush Slots

Discover The New Hanzo’s Dojo and Tiger Rush Slots

It’s back to school for a lot of people, but one thing is certain is that it is not really for online casino game publishers Yggdrasil Gaming and Thunderkick who haven’t really taken a vacation to be able to offer something new each for the next few weeks. We therefore invite you to discover the Thunderkick Tiger Rush slot machine, expected in October and the online game Hanzo’s Dojo, the new Yggdrasil creation already available at some online casinos.

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Thunderkick Tiger Rush

We just found out and many online gamblers used to having fun playing games of chance at casinos are eager to try this new feature. Thunderkick will therefore release soon, and more precisely in October, its brand new Tiger Rush slot machine. A real pleasure for players in search of new products who greatly appreciate the quality products of this well-known and recognized developer in the video slots industry. We invite you to discover the main characteristics of this new slot machine, communicated by the developer.

Thunderkick promises us to see its new slot machine unload from October 17 on online casinos that offer the publisher’s catalog. It must be said that these platforms are numerous, because they all have confidence in Thunderkick which remains among the best companies which aim very high in the manufacture of their software. And this very next title will also be very promising. The team of developers does not hide that it believes to maintain its good place in the field of slot machines and in the hearts of players and the media coverage of this new slot machine once again demonstrates its desire to keep its place on the market.

What does Tiger Rush have in store for you?

We do not offer you a complete test, because this is not our specialty on, but we invite you to discover, as will be the case for the second slot of Yggdrasil a little below, the main characteristics of the game. slot machine.

So you can have fun casino online JDL688 on a slot machine structure made up of 5 reels and 25 paylines. As usual, the slot machine gives you the opportunity to vary your bets. But the most interesting in all this, and which may satisfy and convince many players, is the fact that it offers an incredible jackpot to punters. Although other important details have not yet been revealed to players, they will be particularly surprised by the many options available during the first gameplay.

Regarding the main theme of the game, you will find yourself immersed in a rather natural and wild environment. You don’t really have to rack your brains to quickly understand that, as the name suggests, the tiger is the centerpiece of the game. It is actually the general theme of the slot and it is the reason why you will be immersed in a jungle with the objective of decorating the overall environment of the slot machine. To win prizes, you will need to align 3 similar icons in order to obtain a winning combination. The game offers you to take advantage of many available features that you will certainly enjoy discovering throughout your sessions. This slot machine will of course be equipped with a Wild symbol acting as a wild symbol, but also a scatter symbol and free spins. These are the main features that will allow you to increase your chances of winning on this new slot machine.

Hanzo’s Dojo by Yggdrasil

This is the second novelty announced for this fall. We now invite you to discover a second slot: the online game Hanzo’s Dojo which is none other than the brand new creation of the well-known publisher Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil Gaming has therefore once again made a sensational entry into the field of online gaming by offering wonders with its new online slot machine called Hanzo’s Dojo. In this game, the developer takes you to a dojo, a traditional place where Japanese martial arts are practiced. It is a theme often adopted by publishers, but not always well addressed. But this time, you are faced with a slot machine that has made the most of the spirit of the dojo which is literally the place where one seeks his way. An opportunity for you to now be able to subscribe to the search for the path to wealth. And to know if this dojo will bring you luck, you will have no other choice but to enter it to start spins. And on this occasion, it seems wise to offer you,

Hanzo’s Dojo and its characteristics

Hanzo’s Dojo is therefore the brand new and latest Yggdrasil Gaming creation available on the developer’s casinos. This is a game that is fully compatible with all mobile media.

Hanzo’s Dojo offers you to evolve on a structure with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines. As soon as you arrive on the slot and before your first spin, you are propelled into a Japanese dojo through a setting that will immerse you perfectly in the atmosphere. It is impossible that you will not notice, as soon as you enter the game, the three additional boxes which are above the reels. You should know that they are present to allow you to touch or improve certain bonuses and interesting features.

You will also notice the presence of upper boxes which are in fact mainly used to enlarge an expanding wild or to benefit from free spins and booster. It is a rather original game with innovative functions, like the symbol of a warrior who can quite appear in triplicate and become a symbol of 3 × 3 cells for the current spin by placing himself in the middle of the normal reels.