Official Inauguration of The New Sanary Casino

Today we invite you to become unbeatable on the new casino of Sanary which was officially inaugurated on Tuesday, August 28, 2018. You will know everything about this new establishment of our dear French neighbors and about its manufacture launched a year ago from that.

The inauguration of the Sanary casino

We had to wait for a year of work to finally attend the inauguration of the Sanary casino, located in the Colombet district on the heights of the city near the motorway, which then took place last Tuesday. The funniest thing is that the establishment opened its doors the next day, to welcome its customers in a breathtaking new setting.

We will therefore be witnessing here an opening with great fanfare to effectively and mediately sign the return of this gaming casino which has been eagerly awaited by residents, but also by all players on the Cote d’Azur. It must be said that this place enjoys a rather strategic location. Indeed, this allows the establishment to considerably increase its attendance rate. An opportunity therefore to attract more and more visitors. But what also pleases anyone who rubs it is that it blends in perfectly with the surrounding environment. It is a concept that ultimately offers customers a rather pleasant and above all exotic atmosphere. This establishment has a total area of ​​2,550 m². But that’s not the most impressive, if we take into account the fact that it contains a games room of 500 m² and also a performance hall of 560 m² for an impressive capacity of 500 seats. Not to mention the presence of a piano bar, a terrace and of course a quality restaurant.

Sanary casino activities

Regarding the main activities of the casino, these revolve mainly around various performances given each year.

This is how lucky visitors will be able to enjoy a program reserved for dance events, but also concerts of all kinds, conferences, seminars or even exhibitions. If you wish to visit this establishment soon, know that since this week, no less than 13 dates have already been scheduled during this first season. Many refer to cabaret evenings.

A Sanary casino that benefits everyone

Economically speaking, the establishment of this casino actually generates jobs. In fact, no less than 52 employees work in this establishment. There are many employees as croupiers or maintenance agents. Not to mention that this Sanary casino plays an important financial role with the city, which receives a contribution of 1,200,000 euros per year.

Since the official opening day, which was Tuesday, August 28, the casino has offered its many customers, whether new or loyal, truly modern and rather sophisticated gaming equipment. Slots fans will therefore be able to enjoy a catalog of 150 slot machines, as well as 500 additional games. Not to mention that they will also be able to have fun and win ever bigger on 24 electronic roulette tables, 5 traditional gaming tables and no less than 13 electronic blackjack stations. Modernity at the service of players!

While the average payout rate was 85%, it now stands at 93%, which is quite a high percentage now. If you are not used to this kind of calculation, just take as an example that in a concrete way, you will have the possibility of wagering up to € 100 and winning € 93 in winnings.

We must not forget, however, that everything is based on luck. Indeed, all of the games offered in this casino and all the others around the world revolve around gambling.

To end with this new version, and before telling you about its evolution over the year, it is important to know the opening hours of the establishment. The Sanary casino will therefore open its doors to customers from Sunday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. It will also be open every Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 a.m.

The Sanary-sur-Mer casino quickly took shape

The renovations of this casino did not really drag on, which ultimately really took shape in the first 6 months since launch. The progress of the project was more and more visible and the launch was orchestrated last November, with the laying of the first stone at 1261 chemin Saint-Roch, where the future establishment will be located, which will be operated by the Company. of Operation of the Casino. According to the works managers, the schedule was therefore well respected.

After six months of work, the shape of the building then materializes, the main building rises and the builders will then very quickly be concluding the major works.

The next step will then take place at the beginning of March, with the dismantling of the crane which will mark the end of the major works and the start of the realization of the work on the details which will continue, such as for example the installation of the windows and carpentry work. While the progress of the work in February showed an opening forecast set for November 1, it is squarely 2 months in advance that the doors have just opened to the delight of the city which can now, and sooner than expected, enjoy its new gaming establishment and for local gamers or September tourists to the south of France, who certainly did not expect to take advantage of this opportunity so early in the year.